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Seattle Times, "Gritty Greenwood...," January 8, 2009. Insurrection Apparel & Boots named number one!

"Seattleites relate more to "Twin Peaks" and "Who killed Laura Palmer?," but [Insurrection Apparel & Boots], a hipster/cowboy boutique, is more down with "Dallas" and "Who shot J.R.?" J.R. Ewing pins and other [ironic] memorabilia are on display or for sale. [And, more importantly,] rows of vintage cowboy boots, western shirts and butt-cinching Levi's 501s [attract shoppers to this fashionable shop]. [Without doubt, Insurrection Apparel & Boots] is a mixture of rock 'n' roll cool and country cute."

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Dimlights, "Wear Cowboy Boots...Walk Like You Mean It," November 2008. Written by Jennifer June, Author of Cowboy Boots: The Art of the Sole.

"I try to stay on top of things... but the growing popularity of cowboy boots in Seattle had me a little puzzled. [The popularity of cowboy boots in Seattle] certainly wasn't true a year ago. Last year, Seattle was just like other urban West coast spots (except maybe LA). Folks were buying vintage boots as fashion staples, but they weren't giving boots much of their time, money or attention.

But... Wow! Now, Seattle can be considered a go-to spot for cowboy boots, thanks to Insurrection Apparel & Boots. Insurrection has always had a great selection of vintage boots... but now, they've brought in some swell designs from Lucchese, Liberty, Rocketbuster, Morado and Old Gringo. And Insurrection has its very own line of vintage-inspired cowboy boots.

I particularly like the [Insurrection] boot in the photo [above and left], black and white with just a bit-o-color at the cuff. Oh, yeah!

Vintage Levi's, motorcycle jackets, western shirts and cowboy boots... everything for that classic American look. I'll admit it... I wish I were as cool as Insurrection."

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British Vogue, "Hope and Glory," October 2008.

"Kate Moss presides over exquisite femininity of couture in her own inimitable style, with faded army-surplus parkas, motorcycle leathers and chains." For a representation of Insurrection's contribution to couture, please click on the photographs of Kate Moss to the left. Photographs by Mario Testino.

Northwest Source Magazine, "Insurrection Lets You Kick Up Your Heels with Vintage Cowboy Boots: Slip into Classic Country Style at the Greenwood Outfitter," September 2008.

Click here for NW Source's September 9, 2008 article on Insurrection.

Seattle Magazine, "Seattle's Best Old Boot Shop," August 2008.

Named one of Seattle's 78 Best Shops of 2008: "Giddy up to Greenwood for possibly the best selection in the Northwest of classic cowboy boots—most of them vintage (circa 1930 to 1970) from Tony Lama, Acme and Justin ($150–$1,200). You’ll also find new boots from well-known Liberty and Rocketbuster as well as lesser-known but equally inspired Old Gringo."

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Seattle Post Intelligencer, "Greenwood Shop Brings Vintage Country into the City," May 31st, 2008.

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Seattle Picks for Men, "Get Your Americana On!," May 2008.

"Step inside Insurrection and—pow! Like a well-composed painting, an arresting line of boots immediately draws you in. Then you take in the rest of their tasteful, carefully considered array of items and you know that Insurrection is the store where you shop to get that rock 'n' roll look that you've always wanted...In addition to the impressive, artful cowboy boots, you'll find the kind of vintage cowboy shirts that get you mad sex, vintage Levi's jeans and jackets, and a few select t-shirts. At the center of the composition are café leathers of the highest caliber; British and American, both vintage and new. Why the art analogy? Simply stated, these items are art. Moreover, they have a history and lineage that is as important as the products themselves...Collectors and enthusiasts travel from as far as New York to see what Insurrection has on hand, and online sales ship as far off as Japan. Step over to Greenwood and get your Americana on—get fitted in a pair of boots or a leather motorcycle jacket. In either case, Insurrection will make your heart pound."

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Northwest Source Magazine, "Insurrection Continues the Western Tradition," March 2008.

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Seattle Magazine, "Seattle's Best Vintage Shop," August 2007.

Named one of Seattle's 133 Best Shops of 2007: "If you're in need of amazing vintage cowboy boots (guys' or gals') or the perfect fit of old Levi's, this is your spot. The tiny shop, nestled in the heart of the Greenwood neighborhood, has beautiful boots from as early as the 1940s ranging from $35-$750. The finds inside are "vintage Americana for bikers and rockers," say buyers Wade Bundy and Carrie Van Dyke. I feel so cool!"

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Listed in Jennifer June's vintage cowboy boot directory: "Seattle's best selection of vintage and vintage-inspired cowboy boots, including Tony Lama, Nocona, Justin, Acme, Hyer, Rocketbuster, Liberty, and Old Gringo.  Insurrection Apparel & Boots also has its own brand of cowboy boots that are stitch-for-stitch reproductions of the best classic boot designs from the 1940s to the 1970s. Insurrection also carries the NW's best selection of vintage biker / motorcycle jackets, vintage Levi's 501s, western shirts, and jeweled western belts. Find classic boots, new and vintage, in awesome condition for $199 to upwards of $1800. Yay!"

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